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PillowSleep Care Solutions is proud to have a sleep dream team that is comprised of experienced professionals working to provide you with a lifetime of good night's sleep. You can take a virtual tour of our sleep laboratories by clicking on the following links:

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In order to diagnose a sleep disorder, it is necessary to have an overnight sleep evaluation (polysomnogram). Sleep Care Solutions offers a comfortable and relaxing setting with personalized services to address this potentially serious concern.

Your polysomnogram is a painless, noninvasive monitoring procedure conducted in a comfortable private room equipped with satellite TV and wireless high-speed internet access.

While you are sleeping a specially trained technologist, who will be located in an adjacent room will utilize state-of-the-art equipment to monitor and record your brain waves, eye movement, heart rate, muscle activity, breathing patterns, oxygen level and body positions.

The information from the polysomnogram is analyzed and interpreted by a physician who will develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you. The diagnosis and treatment plan provided by Sleep Care Solutions is an acceptable medical procedure covered by most insurance policies.

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